Who we are

GIRVANI IAS is a premier institute that is pioneering an initiative to develop a conducive place for preparing Sanskrit as an optional subject for UPSC.

The course is deemed to be five month long and the ambition of the institute is to ensure the maximum gain of the students.

Our Story

The biggest problem that any IAS aspirant faces during his preparation is time management and most of the time goes, in researching what to study?, from where to study? & how much to study?, for example there is a 600 page book available in the market but there are only 30-40 pages in that book that is worth your attention, but you end up reading the entire book twice, may be thrice and in the process end up wasting a lot of time. That is where a good institute can help you.
At Girvani, we do all the research for you and you get in class what you ought to read and hence you end up saving a lot of time. Then we use that time in practice by conducting regular tests, answer writing practice and guess papers. That’s why Girvani gives you the edge .

Meet the Team


Mr. mishra sir

( Literature )

M.A, M.Phil, J.RF Net with More than 7 Year Experience

MR. jha sir

( Grammar )

              M.A, M.Ed( Gold Medalist ), More than 20 year experience,

Scored 294 in Sanskrit in UPSC Mains

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